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Mobile Playgroups with Waggin' Wagon

Leave the driving to us!

Waggin’ Wagon is the ultimate solution for people who want help transporting their beloved furry friends to daycare. Unlike a carpool, it’s never your turn to drive the pups to school. A typical outing lasts three hours at daycare plus time in transit. Our guests visit our private dog park at 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare, where they have hours to get the exercise and social interaction essential to the health of any dog.

This service is best suited for dogs who are comfortable in close proximity to other dogs. Dogs weighing 10 lbs and over are welcome to participate.

Waggin' Wagon is available Monday-Friday, except holidays. Sorry, no weekends. Check out our rates for mobile playgroups. They're comparable to regular daycare, really!

Playgroups Can Resolve Problem Behaviors

Does your dog

  • Dig up the flower beds?
  • Bark for hours?
  • Channel their inner escape artist?
  • Run loose in the neighborhood?

Some dogs just aren’t cut out to spend long hours alone. Others simply need more stimulus than we can provide at home.

You Asked, and We Listened

Waggin’ Wagon Mobile Playgroups are the answer for dogs who love to Waggin' Wagon mobile playgroups logorun, wrestle or just have a good outdoor romp! Best described as a mix of dog walking and doggy daycare, Waggin’ Wagon provides hours of playtime for your dog, no matter how busy you are.

Mobile playgroups provide social interaction that

  • Relieves boredom
  • Curbs unwanted behaviors
  • Promotes health and fitness through exercise

Waggin’ Wagon is a short bus dedicated to transporting our dog guests to and from daycare. The bus interior is specially set up for the safety of every dog on board.

Our drivers are licensed and bonded, and they take your furry companion’s safety seriously. In fact, they drive like their own grandmother is on board. Also we keep the number of occupants low. Keeping the group small ensures everyone gets along on the ride to and from daycare. Many of our canine clients attest to how much fun riding in the bus is. Just imagine all that socializing before they even get to daycare!

How Waggin’ Wagon Mobile Playgroups Work…

Because of the time involved in introducing new dogs to Waggin’, we ask for a commitment of one outing per week.

We keep it simple:

  1. We pick ’em up from home.
  2. The dogs play like crazy at our doggy daycare space.
  3. We drop 'em off tired and happy.

See our daily rates and package deals for mobile playgroups.

Service Area

Waggin' Wagon serves North Portland and Northeast Portland neighborhoods that are within a five-mile radius of 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare. Doing so keeps transit time down and provides time at daycare.

Ready to Sign Up?

There are a few steps to the enrollment process.

  1. Fill out an application.
  2. We’ll get in touch to schedule a temperament evaluation at which time we'll take your $20 fee.
  3. First day: $30/half day.
  4. Once you're on the schedule, we pick you furry friend up individually for a trial day with Waggin' Wagon.

We take great care to make the transition to riding the wagon as gentle as possible. On a pup's first ride with us, we'll transport them individually. That way our four-legged guests can get accustomed to riding in the short bus without the excitement of meeting new dogs at the same time. Upon arrival at 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare, we introduce the newcomer to fellow furry guests slowly. It's all about lowering stress and increasing the fun factor for all.

Mobile Playgroup Rates

Waggin' Wagon rates are comparable to daycare

Daily Rate

  • 1 dog: $35
  • 2 dogs: $45
  • 3 dogs: $55


  • 6 pack: $204
  • 10 pack: $330
  • 20 pack: $640
  • 5% discount for multiple dogs from same household
  • No refunds on packages

One-way Delivery

  • 1 dog: $15
  • 2 dogs: $20
  • 3 dogs: $24
  • For boarding pick up or drop off
  • Failure to cancel: $10

Serving North & Northeast Portland

We do pickups within 5 miles of 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare Monday-Friday, except holidays.

Serving both North Portland and NE Portland

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