New Year's Boarding Special

Jan. 15 - Feb. 28

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3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare – Serving Portland Metro Area
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Dog Boarding Services

Kennel-free boarding. Private suites too!

It's our philosophy to provide an environment that's as close to home as possible. We feel it's crucial to every dog's well-being to play, socialize, learn and rest at their own tempo. At 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare and Stay Pet Hotel, we get to know your furry companion during their stay. We go the extra mile to introduce them to new friends, love on them and meet both their physical and emotional needs.

Give your pup a true home away from home while you're away. Check our rates for boarding and packages. See our temporary COVID-19 policies for drop off and pick up, and new dog evaluations. We do our best to keep all safe during COVID-19.

Seize the New Year!

10% Off Boarding

Jan. 15 - Feb. 28

Take a break and escape, even if only for a night or two. Let us look after your pups! Yes, Valentine's Day is included.

All boarding is taking place at our Stay Pet Hotel location. Be sure to mention the New Year Special when making your reservation.

Contact either location to schedule.

New clients: Please complete the application and trial first day before booking overnight stays.

10% discount on boarding 1/15-2/28
Boarding @ 3 Dogs

What's Boarding Like at 3 Dogs?

3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare is 100% kennel-free. Our facility is designed Dogs of all shapes and sizes get alongto be a safe, comfortable and spacious environment for dogs. Every shift is fully staffed to ensure all guests are actively supervised and doing something they love.

We’re open for doggy boarding 7 days per week, so we’re here for you to drop off and pick up your dog every day. That means no delays reuniting with your canine companion should you arrive home from a trip on a Sunday (office hours: 10 a.m.-6p.m.).

While always 100% cage-free, 3 Dogs offers the same services as Stay Pet Hotel. To list a few:

  • Trained staff interact with our furry guests, whether to manage behavior, provide enrichment or give cuddles.3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare logo
  • Staff are onsite and actively with our guests 24/7 – year round.
  • Our large outdoor play area is fully fenced and dog-friendly.
  • Indoor spaces are climate controlled.
  • We administer medication and special diets for free.

Trained and Caring Staff

Staff are experienced at managing canine behavior to keep arousal levels from getting too high and anxious dogs from homesick and stressed. All of this training translates into a fun, safe and enriching staycation for your pup.

Our Top Priority Is Your Pup’s Health and Well Being

Many boarding facilities advertise 24 hour supervision when they have no personnel awake and onsite at night. Instead, they have a video cam or baby monitor to keep tabs remotely.

We do things differently. Our staff are awake and with our guests all night long. Doing so enables us to detect and respond to our furry boarders’ needs as they arise. Separation anxiety? A staff member will be there to soothe it away. A nighttime medical emergency? Our staff is always there to ensure dogs get any necessary medical care, day or night.

More Room Means Calmer, Happier Dogs

Our boarding environment is as close to home as can be. The 4000 square foot indoor area has heat and air conditioning throughout. It features plenty of beds, couches, chairs, pillows and even warm laps for your dog to relax on. Our boarders can sleep when they want; play when they please; get pets when they wish; eat on their accustomed schedule. We encourage them to behave as naturally as they would at home.

And like at home, we keep it all clean. There's always a mop and a bucket at hand for cleaning and sanitizing any messes.

That said 3 Dogs is the Disneyland of boarding/daycare facilities. Both indoor and outdoor areas offer a variety of play structures, from play houses to slides. Additionally, the spacious 6000 square foot outdoor park has water features, like sprinklers and wading pools, to cool off in.

Your Dog Has Special Needs? No Problem

Our boarding fee is all-inclusive. We administer medication, feed special diets and feed multiple times per day for free. See our price options.

Help Us Give Proper Care

We'll team up with you to keep your pup on their routine. We ask that you:

  • Bring medications in their original bottle.
  • Label special diets.
  • Bring whatever snacks you normally give your pup.
  • Leave us specific instructions on how often you feed, how much and approximately when.

Maintaining your four-legged friend's routine is yet another way we make guests feel at home.

All guests are fed separately and then brought back into the common areas.

Boarding Enrollment Process

To ensure our furry guests get along, we screen all applicants before accepting them into our boarding facility. Please refer to our temporary COVID-19 policies for how to navigate this process.

Our Intake Process

We board all breeds

There are a few steps to the enrollment process.

  • Get started by filling out and submitting an application, and we'll contact you to schedule a temperament test.
  • Or  you can call or email us at Stay Pet Hotel.
  • You bring your pup to daycare for a free trial day of daycare.

Please plan way ahead. We often get backed up, particularly during the holiday season. Sometimes it's a few weeks before we have available appointments to conduct your dog’s temperament test.

If we’re booked during your time frame, feel free to check with Stay Pet Hotel on their availability.

Boarding @ Stay Pet

Compare Boarding Services

Cozy. Sanitary. Always Supervised

Both 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare and Stay Pet Hotel go above and beyond industry best practices. Co-owner Mike Lauria has trained dogs and managed boarding and daycare facilities for over 20 years. An industry veteran, he's designed the daycare facilities to offer

  • Mental stimulation
  • Contact with caring staff
  • Group play
  • Quiet time
  • Enrichment activities

Best of all, both daycare facilities offer options for every doggy personality.

  • Groups selected by energy and play style
  • Rugged play structures, such as playhouses and slides
  • Big dog playtime
  • Small dog and puppy play
  • Cuddles with staff
LocationStaffingCCOutdoorsIndoorsMeds GivenMeals
3 Dogs24/7 onsiteHeat & AC5000 SQ FT4000 SQ FTYes. +$0Yes. +$0
Stay Pet24/7 onsiteHeat & AC8000 SQ FT1500 SQ FTYes. +$0Yes. +$0

Our rates for kennel-free boarding are the same at both dog boarding facilities. Even better, both 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare and Stay Pet Hotel offer special discounts when you board multiple dogs or board long-term.

In addition to no-cage boarding, Stay Pet Hotel offers private suites. The prices listed below are per suite. Look for discounts on multiple dog occupancy.

Instructions – Boarding
Drop off & Pick up

COVID-19 Temporary Service Changes

Stay Pet Hotel hours and services remain the same. Temporarily all of our boarding services are being done at our stay pet hotel location. 3 Dogs clients are welcome to use Stay Pet Hotel. With some notice, you can drop your dog off at 3 Dogs, and we'll transport them to Stay Pet Hotel. Or you can drop them off at Stay Pet directly for boarding.

Following Governor Brown's guidelines, masks are required of anyone coming into the office.


Once you've parked in our lot, please stay in your car and call our front desk. A staff member will come to your car and fetch your dog. Please keep your dogs securely leashed when handing them off to us. Also, please have all drop off items, such as food or medicine, ready to go.


After arriving in our lot, please stay in your car and call our front desk. A staff member will bring your dogs out and load them into your car. Any leftover food, medicine, etc. will be returned at this time.


Please give us a call and pay over the phone.

New Client Evaluations

Our Stay Pet Hotel location is currently offering free new client evaluations. Please email or phone if you are interested in scheduling an appointment. Your first day of daycare is free too!

3 Dogs Customers Try our new mobile app!

FAQ – Dog Boarding

Does your overnight staff sleep in the facility?

No, our third-shift staff are awake and in our boarding area with the dogs.

If you don’t have kennels or crates, where do the dogs sleep?

The dogs sleep on futon beds, papasan chairs and even the floor if that’s what they prefer. We have plenty of bedding available, though most of the dogs prefer to pile up together on a couple of the futons.

What if I want my dog to be crated at night?

We have crates available if that’s your preference, yet people rarely choose that as an option. Also, Stay Pet Hotel offers private suites for sleep time.

My dog has never done cage-free boarding before. How do I know they'll be comfortable?

We carefully evaluate every dog that stays with us, not only to find out if our setup is appropriate and safe for them but, also, to make sure that they are comfortable in our environment.

We invite owners to watch as we conduct the initial temperament evaluation. This way you’re seeing what we’re seeing.

What about dogs that are on special diets or require medication?

Special diets and meds are no problem. We have many years of experience working with dogs requiring medication and/or with special dietary needs.

Just bring whatever food or medication when you leave your dog for boarding. We'll take care of the rest at no extra charge!

Is there an additional charge for medicating a dog?

No, there’s no up-charge for managing your dog’s medications.

If there are no kennels, how do you feed the dogs?

Don’t worry, we don’t feed the dogs in groups. We have several large crates that we set up at feeding times where every dog is fed separately. For dogs that cannot be crated, we have a number of sectioned-off areas where they can eat on their own.

What should I bring when I board my dog at 3 Dogs or Stay Pet Hotel?

We only require you to bring your dog’s food and any medication they are currently taking.

There’s no need to bring bedding – we have plenty of it, and there’s always the possibility that personal bedding could be damaged.

We don’t allow toys, bones, treats, etc. in the group. If you’d like to bring something for your dog to chew on, we can always separate them for a short period of time to enjoy personal treats or toys.

We have plenty of food bowls, puzzle bowls and slow feeders as well. No need to bring your own. Just let us know if you have a preference.

Do you offer a discount if I have two dogs?

Yes, we offer multiple dog discounts. Please visit Dog Boarding Services ( for information on prices and discounts.

Do you offer a discount for extended stays?

Yes, we offer discounts for stays 14 nights or longer. Please see Dog Boarding Services ( for information on prices and discounts.

Boarding Rates

TLC included for free!

Kennel-Free Boarding

Per Dog/Per Day
  • 1 dog: $46
  • 2 dogs: $41.40
  • 3+ dogs: $39.10

Private Suites @ Stay Pet

Per Dog/Per Day
  • 1 dog: $48
  • 2 dogs – same suite: $43.20
  • 3+ dogs – same suite: Ask us.

Extended Stays

Over 13 Days
  • 1 dog: 10% discount
  • 2 dogs: 10% discount
  • 3+ dogs: 10% discount

3 Dogs Office Hours

Mon. - Fri.

Address: 5430 NE 42nd Ave, Portland, OR 97218

Phone: 503-206-3028

Stay Pet Office Hours

Mon. - Fri.
Sat. - Sun.

Address: 3606 NE Columbia Blvd. Portland, OR 97211

Phone: 503-288-1864

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