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Dog Boarding Services

Kennel-free boarding. Private suites too!

It's our philosophy to provide an environment that's as close to home as possible. We feel it's crucial to every dog's well-being to play, socialize, learn and rest at their own tempo. At 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare and Stay Pet Hotel, we get to know your furry companion during their stay. We go the extra mile to introduce them to new friends, love on them and meet both their physical and emotional needs. Until we can staff up, 3 Dogs is offering only daycare – no boarding. Stay Pet Hotel is open for both daycare and boarding.

Give your pup a true home away from home while you're away. Check our rates for boarding. For their safety, dogs need to weigh 10 lbs or more to be a guest at our facilities.

Not Yet a Customer?

Because of our careful intake process, it's difficult for us to accommodate first-time/last minute or out of the area customers. Our intake process includes both a temperament evaluation and trial day of daycare before your dog's first stay with us. This process keeps all of our guests safe and accustoms your dog to our daycare/boarding environment.

Please complete the New Customer Application Form well in advance of any boarding needs. It takes time to get your pup set up for the behavioral evaluation and half-day trial.

Existing Customers

Now offering express boarding drop off to existing customers. Simply complete our Boarding Intake Form before your departure to give us all the information we need to care for your pup.

Boarding @ Stay Pet

Stay Pet Hotel – The Deluxe Boarding Experience

Climate controlled and homey indoor areasStay Pet Hotel offers a unique combination of services and features. You can choose between kennel-free boarding and private suites – private suites are limited, so reserve early! Doggy daycare is included in the boarding fee. Daily activity ensures all the mental stimulation and exercise your dog needs to have a happy staycation. And with 24/7 onsite staffing, your pups get lots of love and are never left unattended.

Located under 10 minutes from PDX, Stay Pet Hotel is a convenient stop on your way to the airport. In addition to the Portland Metro Area, we have regular customers who come from Eugene, Salem, Corvallis and Vancouver.

What Sets Stay Pet Hotel Apart?

Imagine traditional dog kennels where you have to pay extra for a 15-New amenitiesminute walk and human interaction. At Stay Pet, we have a full-fledged daycare facility to which our boarders have full access. That’s right. Access to 8000 square feet of outdoor play structures, doggy wading pools, sprinklers and sandboxes. And 1500 square feet of climate-controlled indoor areas with chairs, comfy beds and yet more play structures. Even better, access to social interaction with staff and fellow pups all day long.

And don’t forget the 24/7 supervision by trained staff. While other facilities advertise 24-hour care, in reality they may be only monitoring their guests remotely via baby monitor or camera. By contrast, our staff are awake and with our guests at all times.

Our staff are on the alert for

  • Health issues
  • The rare medical emergency
  • Stressed or anxious dogs

And they respond immediately. Because they are onsite, they catch what might otherwise be missed, and they catch it early.

Special Needs Dogs Welcome

Our trained staff are experienced at administering medication and dishing up special diets. Regarding medication, we ask only that you bring the meds in their original, labelled container. Regarding special dietary needs, simply bring the food and specify for us how much and when to dish it up.

We offer the medication and special diet services at no extra charge.

We can supply premium dog food for a fee. However, we recommend you bring your own. Keeping your dog on a consistent diet helps to prevent allergies and belly aches. All dogs are fed separately to reduce the risks of resource guarding and mooching.

Private Suites

Reserve early to ensure we have a private suite available.

Our private suites are perfect for shy dogs or those most comfortable with their home pack mates. The suites are designed to be calming and comfortable with raised bedding, plenty of space and fresh water. Feel free to bring your dog’s favorite things: bed, toys, blankets, etc. Or we are happy to provide ours.

There's lots of natural light coming from high windows and through the suite door.

Suites are cleaned and sanitized between guests – your dog’s health is important to us! We pride ourself on consistently exceeding industry standards for cleanliness.

We work hard to create a stress-free environment. We play music specifically selected to soothe anxious pups. Also, our staff provide lots of individual attention. Finally, we work carefully and quietly to minimize stress and anxiety.

Kennel-free Boarding

Pups who are used to the daycare scene really enjoy our kennel-free boarding option. By night they have the run of the sleeping areas. Our furry guests are free to sleep on a bed next to a buddy or two or three, on a cushy chair alone or on the floor.

It’s their choice. What better way to keep your furry companion happy, entertained and safe while you’re away?

Getting Started Boarding at Stay Pet Hotel

To ensure our guests get along, we screen all applicants before accepting them into our boarding facility. Refer to our price list for boarding prices.

Our Intake Process for Kennel-Free Boarding

  1. Fill out an application.
  2. We’ll get in touch to schedule a temperament evaluation at which time we'll take your $20 fee.
  3. First day: $30/half day – if during the first day, we
    determine that we aren't the right fit for the pup, the $30 will be refunded.

Intake for Private Boarding

  1. Fill out an application.
  2. We’ll get in touch to schedule a temperament evaluation at which time we'll take your $20 fee.
  3. Trial first day: $36/half day – if during the trial we determine that we aren't the right fit for your pup, then we will refund the $36.

Please plan way ahead. It can take a few weeks before we have available appointments to conduct your dog’s temperament test – especially during the holiday season.

Boarding @ 3 Dogs

Compare Boarding Services

Cozy. Sanitary. Always Supervised

Both 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare and Stay Pet Hotel go above and beyond industry best practices. Co-owner Mike Lauria has trained dogs and managed boarding and daycare facilities for over 20 years. An industry veteran, he's designed the daycare facilities to offer

  • Mental stimulation
  • Contact with caring staff
  • Group play
  • Quiet time
  • Enrichment activities

Best of all, both daycare facilities offer options for every doggy personality.

  • Groups selected by energy and play style
  • Rugged play structures, such as playhouses and slides
  • Big dog playtime
  • Small dog and puppy play
  • Cuddles with staff
Location Staffing CC Outdoors Indoors Meds Given Meals
3 Dogs24/7 onsiteHeat & AC5000 SQ FT4000 SQ FTYes. +$0Yes. +$0
Stay Pet24/7 onsiteHeat & AC8000 SQ FT1500 SQ FTYes. +$0Yes. +$0

Our rates for kennel-free boarding are the same at both dog boarding facilities. Even better, both 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare and Stay Pet Hotel offer special discounts when you board multiple dogs or board long-term.

In addition to no-cage boarding, Stay Pet Hotel offers private suites. The prices listed below are per suite. Look for discounts on multiple dog occupancy.

Instructions – Boarding
Drop off & Pick up

Stay Pet Hotel hours and services remain the same. Until further notice, 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare will be open for daycare only.


Please one dog family in the office at a time for check in.

We take great care to introduce incoming guests one at a time. This practice enables us to give all of our guests a positive – not overwhelming – experience.


Please come into the office to pick up your pup. Any leftover food, medicine, etc. will be returned at this time.

Free Parking

There’s plenty of complimentary parking at both facilities.

New Client Evaluations

All new client evaluations 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare. Please fill out the online New Customer Application form if you are interested in getting enrolled at our facilities. We will call to schedule your temperament evaluation as soon as possible. NOTE: We are often booked out 8-10 weeks for evaluations, so please start the process early.

Existing Customers Check out our mobile app!

FAQ – Dog Boarding

COVID-19 has affected all of us in many different ways. Some of the changes have been positive and others less so. It's the same for our dogs. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen many changes in the dogs as they return to a more “normal” social life. Separation anxiety is the most common change. Another is that some dogs are behind socially – they haven't learned how to play or interpret responses from other pups. It can be super frustrating not to understand or be understood.

Our goal has always been to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable space for your pups to be when they aren't with you. In dog years your pup has been out of the scene for a long time.

We want to set everyone up for success, especially your dog. Depending on how long since your last visit, we may need to start the process all over again with a new evaluation appointment or, possibly, just schedule a revisit day.

Some things that we take into consideration when that choice is made are the following:

  • How long has it been since my dog was there?
  • How old was my dog then vs. now?
  • What sort of socializing have they been doing with other dogs during that time?
  • Any behavior concerns or issues and what are they?
  • Have they spent any time away from you and, if so, how long and how did they do?

For the pup who hasn't been away from you for more than an hour or two in the last two years, spending a day at daycare could be very stressful. Some dogs have come back as if they had never left. However, for many, it’s been tough for the first couple of visits. Like yours, their world shrank dramatically for a period of time. This period of sheltering in place may have come at a pivotal time in their developmental process, leaving them ill-equipped for the highly social nature of boarding or daycare. Also, dogs change as they age; they may have become less patient with youngsters or less tolerant of larger group settings.

If you’re considering resuming boarding or daycare with us (YAY! We've missed you!), please plan ahead a few weeks if you can. We may need to ease your pup back into the routine before boarding for a week or more. Every dog is different!

As always, we will need proof of current vaccines, and your pup will need to be on effective flea prevention.

Boarding Rates

TLC included for free!

Check-in and Check-out Times

Check-in is before 12 p.m. Dogs arriving late can disrupt the daily routine. Giving your dog some time to burn off excess energy or anxiety makes it easier on all the dogs staying here.

Check-out is before 12 p.m. after the final night. After 12 p.m., a half-day daycare charge will apply (per dog, if more than one).

Pricing below is effective Sept. 1, 2023.

Kennel-Free Boarding

Per Dog/Per Night
  • 1 dog: $55
  • 2 dogs: $53
  • 3+ dogs: $50

Private Suites @ Stay Pet

Per Dog/Per Night
  • 1 dog: $60
  • 2 dogs – same suite: $57
  • 3+ dogs – same suite: $55

Extended Stays

Over 14 Nights
  • 1 dog: 10% discount
  • 2 dogs: 10% discount
  • 3+ dogs: 10% discount

3 Dogs Office Hours

Mon. - Fri.

Address: 5430 NE 42nd Ave, Portland, OR 97218

Phone: 503-206-3028

Stay Pet Office Hours

Mon. - Fri.
Sat. - Sun.

Address: 3606 NE Columbia Blvd. Portland, OR 97211

Phone: 503-288-7829

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