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Safe. Fun. Social

We offer some of the largest daycare facilities in Portland. Lots of room to roam, play, rest and get petted means our furry guests enjoy a home away from home. For their safety, guests are grouped with other dogs of similar energy levels and sizes during playtime. Also, we limit the number of guests on any given day to create the optimal environment for dogs.

It's our goal to send your pup home happy and refreshed and pleasantly tired. Give our daycare rates a gander.

Both 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare and Stay Pet Hotel have complimentary off-street parking.

Voted Willamette Week's 2020 Portland's Best Doggie Daycare
Voted "Best Portland Doggie Daycare" 2020
Daycare @ 3 Dogs

What's Daycare Like at 3 Dogs?

Bringing your dog to 3 Dogs Daycare means supervised play all day. We Both rest and play make for a good doggy dayprovide a fun, safe and enriching environment for your best friend. Our staff actively engage our furry guests, sometimes leading them in outdoor play, other times guiding them indoors for quiet time. Open seven days per week, we’re here when you need us – we always have plenty of staff onsite actively interacting our daycare guests.

A Roomy Facility

At 6000 square feet, our fenced play park is one of the largest outdoor areas in Portland. We’ve got plenty of play structures for climbing in, on and under. In summertime, we offer kiddie (doggy) pools and sprinklers too.

Our 4000 square-foot indoor facility is heated and air-conditioned for year-round comfort. It’s also loaded with cozy beds and chairs to relax 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare logoon, play structures to explore and even bubble machines!

If you can’t drop off and pick up during our office hours, why not consider signing up for Waggin’ Wagon mobile playgroups?

No Extra Fees

Check out our prices and discount packages for daycare. Dogs with special needs are more than welcome. We’re happy to feed our four-legged guests snacks or mid-day meals upon request. We ask only that you bring whatever food your pup is accustomed to. Is your dog on meds? No problem. We administer medications too. Both at no extra charge!

Reservations Recommended

We do fill up some days, so we encourage you to make daycare reservations. Many of our customers make a standing reservation for certain days every week. With reservations you can count on our having room for your pup. Less planning and coordination. More daycare time.

Daycare Enrollment Process

To ensure our furry guests get along, we screen all applicants before accepting them into daycare. We welcome all shapes, sizes and breeds so long as they play well with others and weigh 10 lbs or more. Please read our temporary policies for keeping everyone safe during the pandemic.

Our Intake Process

  1. Get started by filling out an applicationDogs love slides!
  2. We’ll get in touch to schedule a temperament evaluation at which time we'll take your $20 fee.
  3. Bring your pup for a free trial half-day of daycare.

Please plan way ahead. We often get backed up, particularly during the holiday season. Sometimes it's a few weeks before we have available appointments to conduct your dog’s temperament test.

If we’re booked during your time frame, feel free to check with Stay Pet Hotel on their availability.

Daycare @ Stay Pet

Compare Daycare Services

Both 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare and Stay Pet Hotel go above and beyond industry best practices. Co-owner Mike Lauria has trained dogs and managed boarding and daycare facilities for over 20 years. An industry veteran, he's designed the daycare facilities to offer:

  • Mental stimulation
  • Contact with caring staff
  • Group play
  • Quiet time
  • Enrichment activities

Best of all, both daycare facilities offer options for every doggy personality.

  • Groups selected by energy and play style
  • Rugged play structures, such as playhouses and slides
  • Big dog playtime
  • Small dog and puppy play
  • Cuddles with staff
Location Staffing CC Outdoors Indoors Meds Given Meals
3 Dogs24/7 onsiteHeat & AC5000 SQ FT4000 SQ FTYes. +$0Yes. +$0
Stay Pet24/7 onsiteHeat & AC8000 SQ FT1500 SQ FTYes. +$0Yes. +$0

Staffed All Day – Every Day

We offer the same competitive prices at both facilities. Even better, both 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare and Stay Pet Hotel offer discount packages on daycare. Packages are sold separately for use at each location.

Simply call or come in to purchase half-day and whole-day packages.

  • Half day = Up to 6 hours
  • Full day = Over 6 hours

Drop off and Pick up Logistics

Stay Pet Hotel hours and services remain the same. Until further notice, 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare will be only open for daycare Mon.-Fri., 7 a.m.-7 p.m.


Please one dog family in the office at a time for check in.

We take great care to introduce incoming guests one at a time. This practice enables us to give all of our guests a positive – not overwhelming – experience.


Please come into the office to pick up your pup. Any leftover food, medicine, etc. will be returned at this time.

Free Parking

There’s plenty of complimentary parking at both facilities.

New Client Evaluations

Both our 3 Dogs and Stay Pet Hotel locations offer new client evaluations. Please fill out the online New Customer Application form if you are interested in getting enrolled at our facilities. We will call to schedule your temperament evaluation as soon as possible. NOTE: We are often booked out 8-10 weeks for evaluations, so please start the process early.

Your first day of daycare is free!

Existing Customers Try our mobile app!

For You: Customer Portal

Make plans on the go

We are partnering with PetExec to provide our customers – Stay Pet and 3 Dogs – a secure customer portal, where you can:

  • Schedule daycare reservations.PetExec secure customer portal
  • Request boarding by date.
  • Check reservations on your personal customer calendar.
  • Track your daycare packages.
  • Update account info.

Can't find your sign-in information? Give us a call.

If you prefer using email and phone, please feel welcome to do so. We will respond during our scheduled office hours.

Are there any breed restrictions at 3 Dogs and Stay Pet Hotel?

No, there aren’t any breed restrictions. We carefully evaluate each individual dog. We’re confident in our experience and ability to recognize potentially problematic behaviors in a dog – no matter the breed.

I work from home. Why would I bring my dog to daycare?

People often use dog daycare to continue their pup's socialization with other dogs and people. Ideally, dog daycare is a safer environment for this type of socialization than dog parks because all of the dogs have been evaluated and are supervised by experienced, trained staff members. Some people just want their dogs worn out from play so they’re a little easier to manage.

Ongoing socialization and exercise are crucial for a healthy, well adjusted dog.

What do the dogs do while they’re at daycare?

We like to let the pups spend most of the day interacting with each other while we supervise the play. They wrestle, run, rest…then wrestle again.

We have large facilities, with even larger outdoor areas. As a result, there’s plenty of space for play. We often take groups of dogs out into a large section of our outdoor space to chase the ball, or just run around and explore.

When weather permits, we have wading pools and sand boxes out in the yard.

We have plenty of play structures, both in our playroom and in our outdoor space. And don't forget the bubble machines in our play room. Many of our furry guests enjoy chasing and popping the bubbles.

What if my dog doesn’t enjoy playing with other dogs?

Not every dog loves to wrestle. Some prefer to spend their time lounging and hanging out with people. No problem!

We sort these guests into a more relaxed group of dogs. They tend to spend the better part of the day in the boarding area – this is the space with all of the futons and chairs.

Irrespective of where your pup spends time, we have staff with them all day long. You’ll often find one of our staff members sitting on a bed, surrounded by napping dogs.

All of the dogs are taken outside frequently throughout the day for potty breaks.

What if my dog really doesn’t like other dogs? Is there a separate area for dogs that don’t get along with others?

We offer private daycare and boarding at our Stay Pet facility. At Stay Pet, each dog has a private suite and is provided frequent one-on-one time with our staff. We Also have two outdoor areas and an indoor living room space set aside just for our private guests.

What about dogs that are on special diets or require medication?

Special diets and meds are no problem. We have many years of experience working with dogs requiring medication and/or with special dietary needs.

Just bring whatever food or medication when you leave your dog for daycare. We'll take care of the rest at no extra charge!

Is there an additional charge for medicating a dog?

No, there’s no up-charge for managing your dog’s medications.

If there are no kennels, how do you feed the dogs?

Don’t worry, we don’t feed the dogs in groups. We have several large crates that we set up at feeding times where every dog is fed separately. For dogs that can't be crated, we have a number of sectioned-off areas where they can eat on their own.

Do you offer a discount if I have two dogs?

Yes, we offer multiple dog discounts on daycare. For regulars, we have a selection of daycare packages to choose from. Please review Daycare Rates for information on prices and discounts.

Daycare Rates

Bark, wag, play, rest all day

Half-Day Packages

Up to 6 Hours
  • 6 pack: $168
  • 10 pack: $270
  • No multiple dog discount
  • No refunds on packages

Daily Rates

Per Dog/Per Day
  • Half day: $30
  • Full day: $40
  • Full-day multiple dog discount: 5%

Full-Day Packages

Over 6 Hours
  • 6 pack: $228
  • 10 pack: $370
  • 15 pack: $540
  • 20 pack: $690
  • Full-day multiple dog discount: 5%
  • No refunds on packages

Private Daycare

@ Stay Pet Only
  • Half day: $36
  • Full day: $46

3 Dogs Office Hours

Mon. - Fri.

Address: 5430 NE 42nd Ave, Portland, OR 97218

Phone: 503-206-3028

Stay Pet Office Hours

Mon. - Fri.
Sat. - Sun.

Address: 3606 NE Columbia Blvd. Portland, OR 97211

Phone: 503-288-7829

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