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Dog Boarding & Daycare Services

All breeds welcome!

Serving dogs weighing 10 lbs and over. Because of our careful intake process, it's difficult for us to accommodate first-time/last minute or out of the area customers. Our intake process includes both a temperament evaluation and trial day of daycare before your dog's first stay with us. This process keeps all of our guests safe and accustoms your dog to our daycare/boarding environment.

Two Locations – One Philosophy

We believe our four-legged guests deserve a home away from home – a safe environment where they can enjoy natural doggy routines of playing, resting and socializing. Both 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare and Stay Pet Hotel offer just that:

  • Large, fenced outdoor play areas with play structures, water features and plenty to sniff.
  • Spacious climate-controlled indoor areas full of comfy beds, chairs and laps.
  • Caring and attentive staff supervising guests day and night.
  • Small-group enrichment activities with staff and fellow pups. One-on-one time with staff for those dogs who prefer people to dogs.

At 3 Dogs and Stay Pet, everything is included in our standard boarding fees and daycare fees. There are no additional charges for:

  • Special diets
  • Medication
  • Physical exercise
  • Personal attention
  • Individualized meals and/or snacks – even if it means hand feeding!

Like you at home, we learn our furry guests’ personality traits, quirky habits and individual preferences. Whether a favorite game or hand feeding, every guest gets exactly what they need.


UPDATE: Accepting New Clients!

Jul 2, 2024

We’re taking new clients! Get the process rolling by sending in your new customer application – temperament evaluations are booked 2-3 weeks out. When we receive your completed application, we’ll be sure to contact you to schedule an evaluation for your pup. Find the Owner Application under the Contact menu.  https://3dogsboardinganddaycare.com/application-daycare-boarding

You can now make purchases through our PetExec Portal!

Jul 1, 2024

For your convenience, payments and purchases can now be made through the PetExec app and portal.  Contact us for your username, and then get started scheduling daycare, buying daycare and boarding packages, and much, much more. NOTE: When we’re offering package discounts, please purchase through the front desk.

Let Your Dog Hitch a Ride with Waggin’ Wagon Mobile Playgroups

Jul 1, 2024

Need a lift? Waggin’ Wagon is the ultimate solution for people who want help transporting their beloved furry friends to daycare. Unlike a carpool, it’s never your turn to drive the pups to school. A typical outing lasts three hours at daycare plus time in transit. Our guests visit our private dog park at 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare, where they have hours to get the exercise and social interaction essential to the health of any dog. We can also do a one way trip for boarding or daycare dogs if you have a scheduling conflict on a particular day. If your pup does well in a vehicle and you want to get them ready for Fall (back to school), schedule your Waggin Trial now! 

We’re Hiring Dog Handlers!

Jul 1, 2024

We are seeking FT and PT dog handlers – experience preferred but not required. Dog Enthusiasts, this is the job for you! Learn more at https://3dogsboardinganddaycare.com/contact-3dogs-staypethotel/jobs/

3 Dogs – Celebrating 15 Years

Apr 20, 2022

We’ve come along way since founding 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare in November of 2008. We love each and every dog in our care and feel like you’re all part of our family. Thanks for trusting us with your furry companions! – Anne and Mike

See for Yourself

Dogs play, learn, socialize at our daycare facilities

  • Mental stimulation of our sturdy play equipment keeps your dog engaged.

  • Supervised play and social interactions keep your dog safe and at ease.

  • Climate-controlled indoor play areas are comfortable year round.

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A Fresh Concept in Dog Boarding

Choose between cage-free boarding & private suites

Ready to find out more?

The dog lovers' approach to overnight boarding...

  • Is your dog comfortable around others? Choose kennel-free boarding.

  • Does your dog prefer their own space? Opt for a private suite at Stay Pet Hotel.

  • For a staycation to remember, boarders enjoy full access to our spacious daycare facilities and trained staff who are on hand 24/7.

Convenience for You

Manage reservations online or with our mobile app

  • Easy-access scheduling enables you to make daycare reservations, request boarding and review your calendar at a glance.

  • 24/7 self-service through our customer portal. Or call/email office staff who are on hand during office hours.

  • Use the new 3 Dogs and Stay Pet Hotel mobile app for scheduling daycare or requesting boarding on the go!


Secure customer portal and mobile app for making reservations.

Need Help with Logistics?

Try Waggin' Wagon mobile daycare program

Time to jump on the wagon?

Waggin' Wagon Mobile Playgroups offer many benefits to you and your pup.

  • We come to your house and transport your pup to daycare. The ride is part of the fun.

  • Surprisingly affordable. Waggin' Wagon costs about the same as regular daycare.

  • Mobile playgroups help keep your dog busy, happy and out of mischief!

Already a customer? Sign in.

Ready to get started? Fill out our application. We'll contact you to schedule a temperament evaluation and trial half day.

FAQ – General Questions

COVID-19 has affected all of us in many different ways. Some of the changes have been positive and others less so. It's the same for our dogs. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen many changes in the dogs as they return to a more “normal” social life. Separation anxiety is the most common change. Another is that some dogs are behind socially – they haven't learned how to play or interpret responses from other pups. It can be super frustrating not to understand or be understood.

Our goal has always been to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable space for your pups to be when they aren't with you. In dog years your pup has been out of the scene for a long time.

We want to set everyone up for success, especially your dog. Depending on how long since your last visit, we may need to start the process all over again with a new evaluation appointment or, possibly, just schedule a revisit day.

Some things that we take into consideration when that choice is made are the following:

  • How long has it been since my dog was there?
  • How old was my dog then vs. now?
  • What sort of socializing have they been doing with other dogs during that time?
  • Any behavior concerns or issues and what are they?
  • Have they spent any time away from you and, if so, how long and how did they do?

For the pup who hasn't been away from you for more than an hour or two in the last two years, spending a day at daycare could be very stressful. Some dogs have come back as if they had never left. However, for many, it’s been tough for the first couple of visits. Like yours, their world shrank dramatically for a period of time. This period of sheltering in place may have come at a pivotal time in their developmental process, leaving them ill-equipped for the highly social nature of boarding or daycare. Also, dogs change as they age; they may have become less patient with youngsters or less tolerant of larger group settings.

If you’re considering resuming boarding or daycare with us (YAY! We've missed you!), please plan ahead a few weeks if you can. We may need to ease your pup back into the routine before boarding for a week or more. Every dog is different!

As always, we will need proof of current vaccines, and your pup will need to be on effective flea prevention.

3 Dogs Office Hours

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Phone: 503-206-3028

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Sat. - Sun.

Address: 3606 NE Columbia Blvd. Portland, OR 97211

Phone: 503-288-7829

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