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Two Locations – One Philosophy

We believe our four-legged guests deserve a home away from home – a safe environment where they can enjoy natural doggy routines of playing, resting and socializing. Both 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare and Stay Pet Hotel offer just that:

  • Large, fenced outdoor play areas with play structures, water features and plenty to sniff.
  • Spacious climate-controlled indoor areas full of comfy beds, chairs and laps.
  • Caring and attentive staff supervising guests day and night.
  • Small-group enrichment activities with staff and fellow pups. One-on-one time with staff for those dogs who prefer people to dogs.

At 3 Dogs and Stay Pet, everything is included in our standard boarding fees and daycare fees. There are no additional charges for:

  • Special diets
  • Medication
  • Physical exercise
  • Personal attention
  • Individualized meals and/or snacks – even if it means hand feeding!

Like you at home, we learn our furry guests’ personality traits, quirky habits and individual preferences. Whether a favorite game or hand feeding, every guest gets exactly what they need.


3 Dogs – Celebrating 13 Years

Jan 11, 2022

We’ve come along way since founding 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare in November of 2008. We love each and every dog in our care and feel like you’re all part of our family. Thanks for trusting us with your furry companions! – Anne and Mike

Accepting New Clients

Jan 11, 2022

Yay, it’s a new year and we’re taking new clients! Get the process rolling by sending in your new customer application – temperament evaluations are booked 3-6 weeks out. When we receive your completed application, we’ll be sure to contact you to schedule an evaluation for your pup. Find the Owner Application under the Contact menu.

Try Our Curbside Drop off and Pick up

Aug 1, 2021

Curbside drop off and pick up are still available. Just call the front office after you arrive. We’ll meet you either at your car or the front door. As of June 30, we ended our temporary COVID pick-up and drop-off policies. Please mask up if you do enter the front office to drop off or pick up your pup! Reminder: One dog family in the office at a time.

See for Yourself

Dogs play, learn, socialize at our daycare facilities

And that's just what we offer at 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare and Stay Pet Hotel. For everyone’s safety, we take great care to manage our guests’ excitement level and how they interact with each other. The goal is to group compatible guests together so that each day at doggy daycare is safe, fun, fulfilling.

We see benefits for dogs of all ages:

  • Daycare offers early socialization for pups, helping to prevent behavior issues as they grow up.
  • Daycare offers mature dogs ongoing socialization, exercise and mental stimulation, helping to prevent boredom, frustration and separation anxiety.
  • Daycare keeps your senior or special needs dog on schedule for medications and special diets while you’re at work.

There's more than meets the eye in a well-managed daycare: staff training, facility design, and activities selected to bring out the best in each furry guest. Just to point out a few features of our daycare:

  • Our staff is trained to manage behavior and play before tensions escalate.
  • We keep our reception area quiet, allowing only one dog at a time to enter or exit.
  • We carefully manage daily introductions, bringing one guest at a time into the daycare area.
  • We actively supervise play all day, engaging groups of compatible dogs in a mix of structured and unstructured activities.

Take advantage of our off-street parking when dropping off and picking up your pup.

  • Mental stimulation of our sturdy play equipment keeps your dog engaged.

  • Supervised play and social interactions keep your dog safe and at ease.

  • Climate-controlled indoor play areas are comfortable year round.

A Fresh Concept in Dog Boarding

Choose between cage-free boarding & private suites

You can choose between kennel-free boarding or a private suite, depending on your dog's personal needs. The kennel-free boarding areas are full of futons, cushy chairs and laps to sleep on. The private suites, located at Stay Pet Hotel, are furnished with cozy beds. They get plenty of natural light and are roomy enough for dog families to stay together. We keep these areas clean, peaceful and low stress for our guests. Suites are limited, so reserve early!

Our overnight guests enjoy access to all the same amenities as daycare pups. We believe it’s crucial for our boarders to have fresh air, social time, ample room to roam and the freedom to potty outdoors. To make this homey experience possible, we maintain a higher staff-to-guest ratio than most boarding facilities. We not only schedule more staff but, also, guarantee they’re physically on the premises and actively supervising our guests 24/7.

Both 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare and Stay Pet Hotel maintain office hours seven days per week (except during the pandemic when 3 Dogs is closed closed for boarding). That means you needn’t miss your pup a single day longer than absolutely necessary! There is a set time frame for check in so that everyone gets acquainted and settled well before nighttime. Check out, on the other hand, is available any time during business hours.

Express Boarding Check in

We know that every minute counts when you're on your way to the airport or off on a road trip. Existing customersSpeed up your drop off by completing the Boarding Intake Form after your boarding reservation is confirmed. This form is for current customers who already have a confirmed boarding reservation.

No wasting time hunting around for street parking! You can count on our ample off-street customer parking.

Ready to find out more?

The dog lovers' approach to overnight boarding...

  • Is your dog comfortable around others? Choose kennel-free boarding at 3 Dogs or Stay Pet Hotel.

  • Does your dog prefer their own space? Opt for a private suite at Stay Pet Hotel.

  • For a staycation to remember, boarders enjoy full access to our spacious daycare facilities and trained staff who are on hand 24/7.

Convenience for You

Manage reservations online or with our mobile app

No more waiting for our office hours to make and change reservations!

Here we are in the Silicon Forest, and it seems only right to offer our wired customers the convenience and self-scheduling. We're excited to offer a secure customer portal as well as a mobile app by which to manage your account.

We'll always have office staff present during posted office hours. If you prefer using email and phone, please feel welcome to do so.

  • Easy-access scheduling enables you to make daycare reservations, request boarding and review your calendar at a glance.

  • 24/7 self-service through our customer portal. Or call/email office staff who are on hand during office hours.

  • Use the new 3 Dogs and Stay Pet Hotel mobile app for scheduling daycare or requesting boarding on the go!


Secure customer portal and mobile app for making reservations.

Need Help with Logistics?

Try Waggin' Wagon mobile daycare program

Time to jump on the wagon?

Waggin' Wagon Mobile Playgroups offer many benefits to you and your pup.

  • We come to your house and transport your pup to daycare. The ride is part of the fun.

  • Surprisingly affordable. Waggin' Wagon costs about the same as regular daycare.

  • Mobile playgroups help keep your dog busy, happy and out of mischief!

FAQ – General Questions

What kind of training does your staff have?

3 Dogs Boarding and Daycare and Stay Pet Hotel are owned and operated by Anne Graves and Mike Lauria. Anne is an experienced veterinary technician while Mike is a professional dog trainer. Mike has decades of experience managing cage-free boarding and daycare facilities.

Many of our staff members have prior experience in dog boarding and dog daycare facilities. Most are certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.

Is my pet always supervised while at 3 Dogs and Stay Pet Hotel?

Yes, we have plenty of staff supervising the play all day long, and we have staff on-site, awake and with the dogs 24-hours a day.

How do I go about having my dog evaluated and enrolled?

Simple: Contact us. We schedule all evaluations in advance, to ensure that we have sufficient time to introduce each dog into our group. We don’t like to rush the process. Generally, we schedule evaluations from early-to-late afternoon to avoid interruptions by incoming boarding and daycare dogs.

You can also start by filling out our application. We'll call you to schedule the evaluation.

What is the difference between “dog daycare” and “dog boarding?”

Dog daycare generally means that you’re leaving your dog for a period of time during the day: while your at work, taking a day trip, shopping, etc. You then pick your dog up by the end of that same day during our posted office hours.

Dog boarding simply means that you’re leaving your dog for one or more nights while on vacation, business trips, doing home renovations, etc.

How do you keep your facility clean?

One of the benefits of our unique, cage-free setup? Our staff needn't spend hours cleaning out kennels and dog runs. Instead, we immediately clean up any messes that are made while we’re supervising the groups of dogs.

In short, messes aren’t sitting for hours before being removed, which keeps our space sanitary and more odor-free than other facilities. We also do frequent, thorough cleanings of the facility. For the health of our guests and the planet, we always choose safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

All of the dog waste is stored in compostable bags until it’s picked up by the Green Pet Composting Company, where it is professionally composted.

COVID-19 Temporary Service Changes

Stay Pet Hotel hours and services remain the same. Until further We're open for business during COVID-19notice, 3 Dogs Boarding & Daycare will be only open for daycare Mon.-Fri., 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

Following Governor Brown's guidelines, masks are required of anyone coming into the office. Prior to dog boarding, minimize contact by completing the Boarding Intake Form. This intake form is for use by existing customers with a confirmed boarding reservation.


Once you've parked in our lot, please stay in your car and call our front desk. A staff member will come to your car and fetch your dog. Please keep your dogs securely leashed when handing them off to us. Also, please have all drop off items, such as food or medicine, ready to go.

If your dog is struggling with this change in procedure, please let us know so we can find an alternative.


After arriving in our lot, please stay in your car and call our front desk. A staff member will bring your dogs out and load them into your car. Any leftover food, medicine, etc. will be returned at this time.


Please give us a call and pay over the phone. We happily accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, cash and check.

New Client Evaluations

Both our 3 Dogs and Stay Pet Hotel locations offer new client evaluations. During high volume times, there is a $10 nonrefundable fee to secure your evaluation appointment. Please email or phone if you are interested in scheduling an appointment. Your first day of daycare is free!

Already a customer? Sign in.

Ready to get started? Fill out our application. We'll contact you to schedule a temperament test.

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