FAQ – Questions about boarding and daycare at 3 Dogs

Is my pet always supervised while at 3 DOGS?

Yes, we have plenty of staff supervising the play all day long, and we have staff on-site 24 hours a day.

What kind of training does your staff have?

3 Dogs is owned and operated by Anne Graves; an experienced veterinary technician, and Michael Lauria; a professional dog trainer with years of experience in managing cage-free boarding and daycare facilities. Many of our staff members have prior experience in dog boarding and dog daycare facilities, and most are certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.

Does your overnight staff sleep in the facility?

No, our 3rd shift staff are awake and in our boarding area with the dogs.

If you don’t have kennels or crates, where do the dogs sleep?

The dogs sleep on futon beds, papasan chairs… and even the floor if that’s what they prefer. We have plenty of bedding available, though most of the dogs prefer to pile up together on a couple of the futons.

What if I want my dog to be crated at night?

We have crates available if that’s your preference, but people rarely choose that as an option.

My dog has never done cage-free boarding before, how do I know he/she will be comfortable?

We carefully evaluate every dog that stays with us, not only to find out if our setup is appropriate and safe for them, but also to make sure that they are comfortable in our environment. We invite owners to watch as we conduct the initial evaluation, so there are no surprises. You’re seeing what we’re seeing.

How do I go about having my dog evaluated?

Simple: Contact us. We schedule all evaluations in advance, to ensure the we have sufficient time to introduce each dog into our group. We don’t like to rush the process. Generally, we schedule evaluations from early to late afternoon to avoid interruptions by incoming boarding and daycare dogs. We conduct evaluations Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. For our application form and policies, visit Intake Forms and Policies.

What about dogs that are on special diets or require medication?

Special diets and meds are no problem. We have many years of experience working with dog requiring medication, and that have special dietary needs.

Is there an additional charge for medicating a dog?

No, there’s no up-charge for managing your dog’s medications.

If there are no kennels, how do you feed the dogs?

Don’t worry, we don’t feed the dogs in groups. We have several large crates that we set up at feeding times where every dog is fed separately. For dogs that cannot be crated, we have a number of sectioned off areas where they can eat on their own.

What should I bring when I board my dog at 3 DOGS?

We only require you to bring your dog’s food and any medication he/she is currently taking.  There’s no need to bring bedding, as we have plenty of it, and there’s always the possibility that personal bedding could be damaged. We don’t allow toys, bones, treats, etc. in the group, but if you’d like to bring something for your dog to chew on, we can always separate him/her for a short period of time with personal treats or toys. We have plenty of food bowls as well, so no need to bring your own.

What is the difference between “dog daycare” and “dog boarding?”

Dog daycare generally means that you’re leaving your dog  for a period of time during the day; while your at work, taking a day trip, shopping, etc. You would then pick your dog up by the end of that same day. Dog boarding simply means that you’re leaving your dog for one or more nights; while on vacation, business trips, etc.

I work from home, why would I bring my dog to daycare?

People often utilize dog daycare for the benefits of socialization with other dogs and people.  Ideally, dog daycare is a safer environment for this type of socialization than dog parks, because all of the dogs have been evaluated and are supervised by experienced, trained staff members. Some people just want their dogs worn out from play so they’re a little easier to manage. Socialization and exercise are crucial for a healthy, well adjusted dog.

What do the dogs do while they’re at daycare?

At 3 DOGS, we like to let the pups spend most of the day interacting with each other, while we supervise the play. They wrestle, run, rest… then wrestle again. We have a large facility, with an even larger outdoor area, so there’s plenty of space for play. We often take groups of dogs out into a large section of our outdoor space to chase the ball, or just run around and explore. When weather permits, we have wading pools and sand boxes out in the yard, and we have plenty of play structures, both in our playroom, and in our outdoor space. We also have bubble machines in our play room, and many of the dogs enjoy chasing, and popping the bubbles.

What if my dog doesn’t like to play with other dogs?

Not every dog loves to wrestle; some prefer to spend their time lounging, and hanging out with people. We have a more relaxed group of dogs that tend to spend the better part of the day in the boarding area… this is the space with all of the futons and chairs. We have staff with them all day long, and you’ll often find one of our staff members sitting on a bed, surrounded by napping dogs. All of the dogs are taken outside frequently throughout the day.

What if my dog REALLY doesn’t like other dogs? Is there a separate area for dogs that don’t get along with others?

While we do have areas that we can use to separate dogs if absolutely necessary, ours is not a suitable situation for dogs that require their own space. Fortunately, there are plenty of great options in and around Portland for dogs that cannot be socialized, or that require more restricted/selective socialization. Feel free to call us, and we’ll give you some recommendations. If you’re unsure whether or not your dog is able to socialize with others, we can always do an evaluation.

Are there any breed restrictions at 3 DOGS?

No, there aren’t any breed restrictions. We carefully evaluate each individual dog. We’re confident in our experience and ability to recognize potentially problematic behaviors in a dog, no matter the breed.

How do you keep your facility clean?

One of the benefits of our unique setup is that our staff doesn’t have to spend hours cleaning out kennels and dog runs. Basically, we immediately clean up any messes that are made while we’re supervising the groups of dogs. The fact that the “messes” aren’t sitting for hours before being removed keeps our space more sanitary and odor free. We also do frequent, thorough cleanings of the facility, using safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products. All of the dog waste is stored in compostable bags until it’s picked up by  the GREEN PET COMPOSTING COMPANY, where it is professionally composted.

Do you offer a discount if I have two dogs?

Yes, we offer multiple dog discounts. Please visit Overnight Dog Boarding for information on prices and discounts.

Do you offer a discount for extended stays?

Yes, we offer discounts for stays 14 nights or longer. Please see Overnight Dog Boarding for information on prices and discounts.

Do you offer any discounts on dog daycare?

Yes, we offer multiple dog discounts on daycare, and we have a selection of daycare packages to choose from. Please review The Fun Doggie Daycare for information on prices and discounts.